Folke Patron

I am Folke Patron. Unfortunately, my Work Section isn't entirely done just yet. But if you scroll down a bit, you'll find a few sneak peeks of what I've done the last few years.

Selected work

2012 — 2016

FOLKE SANS is a font I am currently working on. Eventually, it might be the new face of Folke Patron and is a mix between Helvetica, Gill Sans and Futura.

THE FACES of Folke Patron and his creator, Dennis Johansson.

CHRISTMAS CARDS for construction company, Zetterbergs Multitjänst, mainly working with construction, painting, scaffolding and tiling; all represented in their latest christmas card.

GIRAFF is part of Uddevalla municipality's “Kultur och Fritid” which gives support to young people between 13-26 who wants to realize their ideas. They needed some new designs for their information material. We agreed to do it in a punk fanzine maneer.

LOGOTYPE for “Cykelmusteriet” in Gothenburg, Sweden. Made in two versions; a Copperplate version and a stylized version for use in smaller scales.

HIP HOP COLLECTIVE Raw Vibe Entertainment's logotype is drawn by Folke Patron while listening to some nice beats!

UDDEVALLA GOES RAINBOW In 2015, Uddevalla arranged their first LGBT pride festival. The task was to bring a symbol, a logo, that would not only appeal to the common people, but also the politicians. The solution was a heart, with the city's beloved bridge integrated in it (see: bottom left).

PRIDE LAGER You simply can't have a party without something nice for the throat*. “Pride Lager” was a collaboration between “Uddevalla Goes Rainbow“, local pub “Varvet“ and brewery “Grebbestad Bryggeri“. Folke Patron made the design.

*A non-alcholic drink was also made.

UDDEVALLA is my hometown. It's located just by the sea and is over 500 years old. During that time, it has burned down 6 times and changed nationality 7 times (Danish, Norweigan and Swedish).

H i !

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